Talking advanced stats and playing days with @BallinMichigan

Patrick Hayes is a writer every Piston fan should know about. He’s doing great work all over the place these days, and he recently started up a new blog, BallinMichigan, which as the title suggests, is focused on covering basketball in Michigan.

This week, Patrick explored connections between Michiganders and advanced stats in basketball, and he invited me to a Q&A about my experience as a former collegiate player who now embraced advanced statistical analysis of the game. Or as he puts it better,

But the reason I asked Ben to participate in this series goes deeper than just the fact that I admire his writing. He’s also a former college basketball player, as he’ll describe below, so I wanted to get his take on the perception that advanced stats are just for the numbers nerds with no athletic ability.


One of the things I hope these conversations this week help illuminate is that advanced stats are not scary or threatening or nerdy. They’re simply another way to continuously look at and evaluate the game we all love to come up with the best possible methods for evaluating and explaining what actually happens on a basketball court. Ben has a lot of interesting insight worth reading below and you’ll also get to find out which NBA All-Star he once hit a floater over.

Check it out here.

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