Quick Hitter: Maybe Your Problem Isn’t with Wins Produced

Yesterday, Tom Liston, of Raptors Republic, said a lot of things about Wins Produced, most of them critical. You can find his full comments here.

Most of his criticisms have been addressed repeteadly throughout the Wages of Wins Network. What follows isn’t necessarily a direct critique of Tom’s post, but that post was the provocation.

When people present counterarguments to Wins Produced like Tom does here, it makes me think that their problem isn’t with Wins Produced, but rather, with the way the game of basketball itself is actually designed.

It’s not that Wins Produced overvalues rebounds and/or efficient scoring and/or etc., etc. Wins Produced simply observes something that is true about the game of basketball: getting rebounds, making shots, stealing possession from the other team, all of those actions produce wins.

In other words, people who present these arguments don’t actually have a problem with Wins Produced; instead, they have a fundamental misunderstanding about what constitutes winning basketball. Instead of addressing that misunderstanding, they attack the metric that simply observes what’s true about the nature of the game.

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