Lawrence Frank is not the Answer

Back in June, I argued that John Kuester was not problem with the Detroit Pistons. Despite the fact that he handled plenty of things poorly, the roster that he inherited simply wasn’t strong enough to compete.

Nevertheless, Kuester was fired, a new coaching staff was hired, but little else changed. 

Unfortunately, Lawrence Frank has not been the answer Pistons fans have hoped for.

After losing to Boston tonight, the Pistons have lost three consecutive games by a combined total of 39 (!!) points. And frankly, that understates how poorly the team has performed. 

From here, things don’t get any easier. Of the Pistons next 19 games (through January, 2012), the Pistons are likely to be significant underdogs in all but 4 – Charlotte, Minnesota, and Milwaukee (twice) – and they will likely be slight underdogs in those games as well. 

It is very possible that the 2011-2012 could threaten Lawrence Frank’s own New Jersey Nets for the worst start in NBA history. 

There is little Lawrence Frank can do to avoid that. 

No discredit to Frank intended, however. He seems like a fine head coach who manages his players and himself very well. The problem with the Pistons is not that Frank and/or the rest of the coaching staff is insufficient.

The problem is that this collection of players simply doesn’t have what it takes to be a winning basketball team.

And nothing short of a wholesale roster overhaul is going to fix that. 

No hard feelings, Larry. I don’t think this is your fault at all.


6 thoughts on “Lawrence Frank is not the Answer

  1. Ben,

    – The Pistons W-L record is now 2-2
    – Brandon Knight will, in all likelihood, eventually become a very good PG in the NBA
    – Ben Gordon, when used properly, is still a very effective combo guard in a 3-guard rotation at the PG and OG positions
    – Bynum and Villanueva are the 2 players Joe Dumars should trade, asap
    – John Kuester was a significant part of Detroit’s problem the last few seasons
    – Lawrence Frank is a much better coach than you think

    Happy New Year!

  2. Actually … the Pistons are now 2-3 after tonight’s win vs Orlando.

    When I look at the talent level of the other teams in the Eastern Conference this year, it looks as though Detroit should at least be able to stay in the hunt for the #8 playoff spot for most, if not all, of the season.

    Kuester was a much bigger problem for the Pistons the last few seasons than many others realize, especially those who rely heavily on stats-based information to assess the qualitative performance of a specific team in the NBA.

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