Pistons employ two of the league’s most “harmful” players

Over at Courtside Analyst, Ty reveals his twenty most harmful players from the previous season. Unsurprisingly, the list is populated by players from the league’s worst teams (with a few good teams finding their way to the list as well. Big Baby, anyone?).

Pistons fans who pay attention to Wins Produced won’t be surprised to learn that two Piston big men find themselves at 12th and 17th on the list, Jason Maxiell and Charlie Villanueva respectively.

Hit the link above to see the full list, and click here for an explanation of how Ty gets his numbers.

1 thought on “Pistons employ two of the league’s most “harmful” players

  1. Charlie V is most definitely a player who fits properly into the “harmful-for-his-own-team” category, based on his performance for the Pistons the last 2 seasons.

    Jason Maxiell, however … in spite of what the numbers might say … is miscast when placed in this same category.

    What JM needs is to be used correctly, as a back-up PF coming off the bench for team that has a good-sized, back-to-the-basket, low-post player at the C position – ala Tim Duncan – and a head coach who is committed to playing with 2 interior Bigs whenever JM is on the floor.

    Until the Pistons get a coach who sees the game through that lens, unfortunately, JM will continue to spin his wheels in Detroit.

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