Are there any Free Agent Bigs to be had?

In today’s Pistons Mailbag, Keith Langlois observes:

It won’t be a very robust class of free agents in general, Isaac. Samuel Dalembert, Carl Landry, Kris Humphries and Tyson Chandler are among the headliners, but there’s a reasonable chance they all wind up staying with their current teams. The Pistons would have to get creative to land one of them in a sign-and-trade type of deal. Two others who would be attractive have early termination options, David West and Nene. West might not exercise his since teams would be less likely to give him a long-term deal while he rehabs from a torn ACL. Nene probably isn’t going anywhere, either. Yao Ming will be a free agent, but it’s anybody’s guess how that ends – he might not play again. Two restricted free agents, Marc Gasol and DeAndre Jordan, also are unlikely to switch teams.

Admittedly, I don’t know exactly what Keith means by “robust.” On the one hand, I agree with him in that I think it’s unlikely that a lot of big men will change teams this summer, so perhaps what he’s saying is there won’t be that many big men available for the Pistons. In this case, then I agree it won’t be robust.

But, perhaps he’s insinuating that the big men he goes on to list aren’t that valuable, and thus, the free agent class isn’t that robust. If that’s the case, then I disagree. As the numbers will demonstrate, there are several productive big men on the market, and while none of them will blow you away by scoring the basketball, that doesn’t mean their contribution isn’t critically important.

As always, to the numbers, and again as always, powered by NerdNumbers. (I’m excluding David West due to his serious injury)

2011-04-21 FA Big Men

Obviously, this short list doesn’t compare to the bonanza of 2010, and by contrast, it’s not nearly as robust. However, there are several useful big men on the market this summer, and while none of them offers points in bunches, several of them are more than capable of helping their teams win in other ways. And frankly, those are precisely the types of players the Detroit Pistons ought to be targeting.

Hopefully, Pistons management feels the same.

11 thoughts on “Are there any Free Agent Bigs to be had?

  1. The Pistons need to get rid of Koester and get Lambier. Somone that knows how to win and use his players. The Pistons have a lot of talent but they are confused when they go from the bench to starting, playing good, then back to the bench again. Makes for bad attitudes and confusion. Stuckey is a large Iverson. He will never be a team player. He would rather take on the whole defensive team, drive the lane and get knocked on his butt before he will pass. So, big deal, he showed he can pass but won’t. Dumars started out like he knew what he was doing. That sure went to hell in a hand basket. Maybe they need to throw him in with Koester. Look at the good coaches he let go and he keeps this meat head? I don’t miss a Piston game. They need a leader, on the floor and on the bench.

    • I agree with your assesment of the Pistons and Rodney Stuckey. Although I would not go with Laimbeer as the coach. I think He’s still a little too green in coaching the men. We need someone with some experience and a history. My choice would be Mike Woodson. He commands respect and I like how he turned the Hawks orginazation around. Stuckey should be the sixth man, not your starting point guard. Your right in that we need a leader on the floor and on the bench and locker room. We have to score a top notch play-making point guard for this team to be successful again. Looking back at the pistons past teams, the success only came when we had a true point guard and leader.

      • Thats why I’d take a flier on UK PG Brandon Knight if he’s there for Pistons. None of the bigs will be impressive at 7 or 8 where we will be drafting in all likelihood. The Pistons in current form have never been the same since Chauncey was offed. The same can indeed be said for Zeke in the Bad Boy era. We, in this NBA or any era really, need a PG. Stuckey, BG, Bynum not the answer.

    • What good coaches did Dumars let go? Larry Brown brought it on himself with his idiotic job hunting during the playoffs. Not to mention he never stays anywhere very long. He did let Flip go, which I think was a mistake, but lots of people wanted Flip fired at the time. Do you mean Carlisle? Most people would say that Brown was an upgrade. Surely you don’t mean Curry. Look at the coaches he fired. Carlisle has had some good success but the others are underwhelming. Brown failed in New York and his track record in Charlotte was pretty weak. Flip and the wizards hasn’t worked. Curry is an assistant. None of these guys make me wish Dumars had kept them.
      In general, I think coaching does not matter nearly as much as player talent, and we need significant upgrades at the guard and power forward positions. Assuming Monroe plays center.

  2. When Dumars gave Gordon and Villianavala the keys to detroit and bank accounts that proved he don,t know anything about basketball. Detroit has needed a 7 ft big center for last 10 yrs. i know that and i am not a NBA Player or coach. Tracy McGrady was a bench warmer and paycheck player. Need new Coach and GM. Have had enough of this old crap for last 5 yrs. Start over fresh new everything.
    Please Mr New Owner.

  3. Eat Hamilton contract/ he is the trouble with locker room. Stucky same way let him walk. Prince is ok. but time for change. Gordon/ paycheck player only. Villianova same thing, no defence. I can do a better job of being GM then Dumars. he has lost it. Where is a seasoned coach to demand respect and don,t let the players run the team.

  4. Do you really see any one of Chandler [Dallas], Jordan [LA Clippers], or Gasol [Memphis] as being interested in leaving their current teams in order to come to Detroit? … because I don’t see that happening at all.

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  6. It’s surprising to see, at least for me, that Deandre Jordan was significantly better than Marc Gasol. I know Jordan has improved a lot over the last two years, but he still seems very raw and he has not shown signs that he will ever have much of an offensive game, besides putbacks and dunks. Dalembert appears to be an ideal fit along Monroe considering that I consistently hear that the Pistons need a big man with strong defensive skills and shot blocking to complement Monroe. Unfortunately, I’ve also read that Detroit could not afford Dalembert, and more importantly he wants to sign with a title contender. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • Gasol wasn’t great early, and he was much better in the Playoffs than the regular season. If I had to choose between the two, I’d likely take Gasol — except that Jordan would likely be cheaper.

      Dalambert would be a nice fit, but we could probably get something similar and cheaper in the draft, if we just play our cards right.

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