Updated Wins Produced

The Pistons aren’t very good + my personal computer died = very few posts from me lately.

But as the season winds to a close, and since the Pistons are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I thought it might be worth quickly looking at the Wins Produced numbers thus far. As always, powered by NerdNumbers.


Update: thanks to Devin for pointing out that the numbers didn’t tally in my spreadsheet. 26.6 Wins Produced in total.

Greg Monroe continues to have a quietly brilliant season. In spite of the hype surrounding Griffin and Wall, Monroe deserves to be in the ROY conversation. He’s also a great case study in how difficult it is to project the performance of college players to the pros. As I’ve mentioned before, his college numbers were underwhelming.

Joe Dumars has some important decisions to make this summer about Jerebko and Stuckey, but one guy who’s not been discussed as part of the Pistons plans is Chris Wilcox. After a disappointing debut last season, Wilcox has put together a nice season for Detroit when his number’s been called. I certainly don’t think he’s the long-term solution at center next to Monroe, but if he could be had on a contract similar to the one he currently has, he’d be a very nice stop-gap.

Stuckey continues to be a tease. Over the past several games, Rodney has played well, which is reflected in the slight uptick in his Wins Produced per 48 minutes. And over these short stretches of good player, I often find myself second guessing …. myself.

Austin Daye still hasn’t taken the next step. I hope that what we’re seeing is a down, developmental year. But for most of the season, he’s looked awkward and uncomfortable, and that’s reflected clearly here.

7 thoughts on “Updated Wins Produced

  1. The chief reason Austin Daye has “looked awkward and uncomfortable” this season is because he has been jerked around by the ridiculous coaching decisions of John Kuester and his staff … along with several other players who are not “still wet behind their ears” as professional basketball players.

    – Stuckey is a very good player with terrific upside
    – Jerebko is a solid player
    – Monroe is a solid player
    – Daye is a good player with solid upside
    – Bynum is a good player, who happens not fit with Stuckey and Gordon
    – Summers still needs to prove himself
    – White still needs to prove himself

    – Gordon is a good player, if he’s used properly, who happens not to fit with Bynum and Stuckey
    – Maxiell is a solid player, if he’s used properly
    – Wilcox is a useful player, if he’s used properly
    – Villanueva is a waste of time

    – Prince is a very good player, if he’s used properly
    – Hamilton is a highly useful player, if he’s used properly
    – McGrady is a useful player, if he’s used properly
    – Wallace is closer to retirement than ever before

    – if Joe D. can strike gold, then, the Pistons won’t be very far away, at all, from re-establishing themselves as a low-end playoff team in the East … depending on who is eventually selected to be their next head coach

    • Establishing themselves as a low-end, capped out playoff team is a far cry from where we could have been had we not traded away Billups in the first place. You’re too kind to Dumars. He’s failed this franchise miserably.

      • 1. The harsh reality is that neither you nor anyone else can know for sure how much better – if at all – the Pistons’ current situation would be today, if they had not traded C-Bills when they did.

        2. Becoming a low-end playoff team, once again, might just be a necessary first step to stop the current slide down the standings and to re-establish an upward trend toward the upper end of the conference.

        There is no guarantee that Joe D. has the ability to lead the Pistons back to the very top of the East … but, since he’s at least done it once before, there is at least one good reason to give him the benefit of the doubt while going forward with this team.

        If Karen Davidson is able to sell the team, and Joe D. can find and then hire a top notch head coach, who is a good fit with the players on the Pistons’ roster, then, the future for this franchise is nowhere near as bleak as some pessimistic Detroit fans might think it is … if they can trade the right players and then keep the right ones, as well.

  2. re: “Of course we can know we would be better with Billups than what we have now.

    Actually … You have no way of knowing for sure what the Pistons would look, and play, like today, if they would not have traded C-Bills when they did, since you have no way of knowing for sure what series of other complementary moves might have also been made by Joe Dumars, in the aftermath of making that specific decision, either, good or bad.

    Although I, personally, would have kept Billups, Hamilton and Prince together, I could certainly see/understand what Joe Dumars was attmpting to do at the time.

    It’s unfortunate that he has made two consecutive mistakes in the hiring of Michael Curry and then John Kuester.

    Hopefully, he makes a better choice when he eventually decides to fire Kuester this time around.

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