The Pistons are a bad team. Can we finally just say that?

Preface: I wrote this last night prior to the trade deadline… and of course, no trades were made, so no significant edits are necessary.

The Pistons are on their way to their third consecutive losing season. Last night, they lost to the Indiana Pacers (again) who are currently clinging to the final Playoff spot in the East. While not mathematically eliminated from the Playoffs yet, it has finally become apparent to everyone (including some of the players, it seems) that the Pistons are headed to the lottery, not the Playoffs.

Can we just say it? This is a bad team. And it’s been a bad team for several years now. No excuses. It’s not the fault of injury. It’s not the fault of underperformance. Ultimately, it’s not the fault of the coach (although I’m not sure he’s helping either).

This is on Dumars. Dumars has assembled a collection of overpaid, unproductive players. For many of them, their only skill is scoring points if they get lots of shots. And after the trade deadline passed today, it’s pretty clear the rest of the league understands that. No opposing GMs covet these players, and who can blame them?


If you are familiar with Wins Produced and WP48, this table speaks for itself. We have three – count them, three – players producing at above average rates at their positions. Two of them are over 30 and are unlikely to be impact players for the Pistons in the future. The rest of the “core” – players like Gordon, Villanueva, Daye, Bynum, and last but not least Stuckey – simply have not impressed.

Literally, the only bright spot (for the future at least, as Wallace and McGrady have been fun to watch) is Greg Monroe, who looks like he could become one of the top players from last year’s draft.

It’s still a little early to close the book on Austin Daye, and here’s hoping Jerebko comes back and provides what he did last year for several years to come.

But beyond that, can we Piston fans put the excuses to rest for good and finally agree that this is just a bad team?

4 thoughts on “The Pistons are a bad team. Can we finally just say that?

  1. Amen. Like you said, the thing this table illustrates perfectly is the glut of below average players on the roster.

    The most frustrating thing about the Pistons for me has been what seems like an insistence on learning the wrong lessons from the past:

    The AI experiment ended in disaster in large part because of an imbalance it created in the roster (too many highly paid SG’s), and Jod promptly added Ben Gordon to mix after giving Rip an extension. Now Langlois has begun to imply that Pistons fans should expect a Jerebko/Monroe starting PF/C combo next season… The math is simple; the team still plays at a very slow pace, slow pace + undersized = crappy.


  2. No, unfortunately, we cannot simply say that, “The Pistons are a bad team.”

    The truth is …

    i. Flip Saunders was not the right head coach to get the most out of the Pistons’ players;
    ii. Michael Curry was not the right head coach to get the most out of the Pistons’ players; and,
    iii. John Kuester is not the right head coach to get the most out of the Pistons’ players.

    On the other hand, Joe Dumars, as Detroit’s GM, has already demonstrated quite clearly that he knows how to get the most out of the Pistons’ players … when he’s able to make the RIGHT CHOICE for the team’s head coach position, as he did during Larry Brown’s tenure in Motown.

    Unfortunately … as I’ve said for quite some time, now … until Joe D. actually gets THIS specific decision/hire right, what players the Pistons have on their roster is irrelevant when it comes to being able to field an upper echelon – or even a playoff – team in the Eastern Conference.

    I told Pistons fans 2 summers ago, what the major problem was with their team and what the solution would entail but they did not want to listen to that explanation.


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