Explaining the Pistons’ recent “success”

Since January 12 (the first game Richard Hamilton was removed from the rotation), the Detroit Pistons have gone 5-4. I recently pointed out that the Wins Produced numbers suggest that the rotation John Kuester is currently employing may give the Pistons a shot at finishing the remainder of the season’s games around a .500 and thus may have a chance at the Playoffs.

Thanks to Dre’s hard work over at NerdNumbers, we now have splits for Wins Produced numbers! In my previous post about the Pistons rotation, I did my best to credit individual players for recent wins based on the data I had. I now have better data and thus a more complete picture of who has impacted the Pistons’ recent success.

Microsoft Excel - 10-11 Recent Pistons Success

The most significant change between this data set and the one posted earlier is the performance of Chris Wilcox. Early this season, Wilcox was very productive in limited minutes, productive enough that Kuester promoted him to starting PF. In a larger role over the past 9 games, though, Wilcox hasn’t been helpful.

Time will tell, of course, if Monroe’s great play and Daye’s recent uptick are sustainable for the remainder of the season, and if McGrady and Wallace can stay healthy in big minutes. The recent success is certainly tenuous and fragile. If it does, though, the numbers suggest – at least to this Pistons fan searching for a glimmer of hope – that the Pistons do have just enough players performing well enough to make a Playoff push out East.

As to whether or not Pistons fans should be hoping for a Playoff berth instead of more lottery balls is an entirely different question. Maybe someone should write a good post about that Smile

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