The Nets want Rip in exchange for Murphy (UPDATE)

UPDATE: According to Chris Iott, the Nets are asking the Pistons to take on contracts and surrender a 1st round pick, which changes things dramatically. If it seems too good to be true…

I literally had to look twice when I saw this link over at PistonPowered. Apparently, the New Jersey Nets are making a play for Carmelo Anthony and are interested in including the Pistons in the deal.

In the complicated scenario that’s being discussed, the Nets would send Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and at least two first-round picks to Denver and Troy Murphy’s expiring contract to the Pistons. In return, the Nets would get Anthony and Chauncey Billups from the Nuggets and likely Richard Hamilton from the Pistons, who are looking to shed salary. Hamilton has two years and $25 million remaining on his contract.

In my option, this is absolutely the best possible trade scenario I could have imagined for Detroit. The  story that Wins Produced tells about Richard Hamilton has been told here before – he’s a relatively unproductive shooting guard who gets paid a lot because he shoots a lot.

The Wins Produced story about Troy Murphy has been told throughout the Wages of Wins Network, but never here. In short, Troy Murphy has been a productive, albeit strangely inconsistent, player. Here is a look at the Automated Wins Produced numbers:

Troy Murphy

This year, Murphy’s numbers are poor, but he’s also recovering from serious injury. Over the two seasons prior to this one, Murphy was a remarkably productive big man – something the Pistons are in desperate need of.

Further, Murphy is on an expiring contract, which presents a two-fold benefit. First, if Murphy doesn’t return to form, there’s no commitment beyond this season. Second, Richard Hamilton is owed around $30 million through 2013 (the last year isn’t fully guaranteed), and getting out of his contract would go a long way toward freeing up financial resources for the future.

This really is the best we Pistons fans could have hoped for. Time will tell, of course, if there is merit to the rumor, but for the moment at least, I certainly hope it’s true and that Dumars jumps at the opportunity if it formally presents itself.

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