Could the Pistons land Gerald Wallace?

Apparently, the Bobcats are shopping Gerald Wallace. This is very much a rumor, and it’s unclear what Charlotte would expect in return.

From the perspective of Wins Produced, Gerald Wallace has been a very productive player — at least in the few years prior to this one. A quick look at the Automated Wins Produced Numbers and Wallace’s box score statistics reflect a drop in performance this season, which is primarily due to a decrease in shooting efficiency.

I haven’t seen much of Charlotte this season, so I can’t offer much beyond that. In spite of recent struggles from the field though, Wallace is exactly the type of player I’d love to see in a Red, White, and Piston Blue. So, let’s hit the Trade Machine.

Here’s a very simple start. Here I’m assuming that Charlotte would want to take back rotation-caliber players and gain financial flexibility. I’m also assuming that Larry Brown would welcome the opportunity to coach Tayshaun Prince again. Further, Stuckey’s development, while slow, is happening; he’s currently having a career year. So there’s the potential Larry Brown could mold him into a PG that Charlotte could re-sign (I can hear Dr. Berri chuckling about that last point).

I got a good LOL out of Hollinger's prediction on team wins.

If this year’s performance is the measuring stick, this trade is largely a wash. All of these players are hovering around “average” (.100 WP48). However, Tay is coming on strong of late, Stuckey is having a career year, and one would think Wallace — given his age and recent performance — is capable of offering more.

Obviously, I could be waaay off about what Charlotte’s looking for. There are a couple other trade scenarios out there that are much more complex than this one (see here and here). I am inclined to think that Patrick Hayes is right in that Charlotte would probably want to get out of some of its bad contracts. Still, Wallace is the type of player that’s worth taking a risk for. The question would obviously how big a risk is worth this particular reward.


2 thoughts on “Could the Pistons land Gerald Wallace?

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  2. I’d still love to have him. Gerald Wallace is one of those players who can actually work inside the framework of an a-positional, or whatever the phrase Jod used, type of team. A line-up with Daye/Gerald Wallace/Jerebko interchangeably playing SG/SF/PF seems like it could be disruptive defensively and interesting on offense.

    But yeah, I have no idea what a package that Jod and Jordan would both find acceptable might be.

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