Pistons History Repeating Itself

Just in case there are readers of this blog who aren’t following the Wages of Wins Journal, I wanted to link to Dr. Berri’s most recent post: Looking Back Thirty Years We Can Once Again See History Repeat Itself in Detroit.

It’s one of hte lengthier posts that you’ll see on his blog, but for Pistons fans, it’s definitely a must-read.

I absolutely love the simplicity of the conclusion:

If you lose productive talent and add less productive players, then your team will decline.  If you wish for your team to get better, go find productive players.

All of this means the Pistons are going to have change their strategy.  The current approach is to bring back the same talent and hope for different results.  History teaches, though, that if you want different results, your best bet is to find different – and better – players.  Until that happens in Detroit, though, look for the “ugliness” to continue.

4 thoughts on “Pistons History Repeating Itself

      • brgulker,

        Part of being an elite level basketball coach involves being able to observe a specific situation for only a brief period of time and then being able to determine with a high degree of accuracy what the particular “pluses and minuses” actually are … without the statistical benefit of “a representative sample size”.

        In fact …

        In the everyday life of the NBA environment the entire concept of having “a representative sample size”, prior to making sound basketball judgments, has absolutely ZERO validity.

        The NBA game is based upon “Individual Match-ups” and not “Broad-scale Averages” … despite what well-intentioned but essentially mis-guided persons like David Berri will tell you.

        IMO, if the Pistons use a similar rotation to the one they used in last night’s game … without making other sweeping changes to their player roster … they will win enough games this season to remain in the playoff hunt deep into the campaign.

        When you get to the NBA level of competition … where every single athlete can actually play the game in an adequate way, at least, to some degree … it is an array of things like ‘Team Cohesion’ and ‘Role Clarity’ and ‘Mismatch Advantages’ – i.e. both creating and minimizing them relative to your specific opponent – and ‘The Proper Strategic/Tactical Use of your Personnel’, etc., that actually determines how well individual players and, therefore, entire teams can perform relative to their competition.

        Hopefully Coach Kuester will continue along the path he identified last night for the balance of his time with the Detroit Pistons.


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