Last Night’s Numbers

Want to make you all aware of a cool series happening at Hickory High entitled Last Night’s Numbers. Modeled after Dwyer’s “Behind the Box Score,” “Last Night’s Numbers” provides interesting statistical observations relevant to the various statistical elements that inform Win Score and Wins Produced.

It’s become a daily read for me, especially on days like today in which I wasn’t able to catch all of last night’s Pistons game.

L.A. Lakers 103 – Detroit 90

  • Detroit, remarkably, had only 5 turnovers on the night. Unfortunately, they struggled to make shots, shooting only 39.4% from the field and 4 of 25 on three pointers.
  • The Lakers controlled the glass, grabbing 57.3% of available rebounds. The Lakers’ starters had 39 rebounds, only 2 less than the entire Pistons’ team.

1 thought on “Last Night’s Numbers

  1. By the looks of it, Detroit was tripped up last night by the traditional malaise associated with the 1st home game following an extended west coast road trip. Yes, the Pistons did a good job of protecting the basketball, but in many cases, home teams in this type of situation, also end up shooting the ball poorly, while their collective body clock is still re-adjusting to their regular time zone. With the Lakers in the 2nd bill of a back-to-back, neither team was actually operating at their peak of efficiency in last night’s contest.

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