Joe Dumars disagrees with me

Joe Dumars had a Q&A session with Chris Iott of, which has been posted in pieces over the past few days. Apparently, he and I are seeing very different things with respect to certain Pistons players.

Regarding Monroe, Dumars says:

When he’s on the court, you don’t ever feel like he’s a lost rookie. He has an extremely high basketball IQ, he has a great feel for the game and he’s an exceptional passer. […] So, that’s what you’re seeing with him. I think that as he goes through this first cycle, he’s been good for us so far. I think he’ll be even better during the second cycle, meaning the second half of the year after he’s seen these guys for the first time, and now you play them again and again, he’ll have an idea of who these guys are.

Well, he really hasn’t been very good, Joe, respectfully. As I mentioned yesterday, he’s rebounded well – but he’s shooting sub 40% from the field! And then there’s the turnovers – which seem to get glossed over every time his passing skills are mentioned – and the fact that he doesn’t offer all that much on defense.

Regarding Daye, Dumars says:

I really like what Austin has done so far. Austin got moved to the four kind of in the middle of the preseason. He just kind of got moved to the four and we’ve asked him to go out there and battle guys where he’s giving up 40, 50 pounds. He’s never blinked an eye. Really liked him in the summer. Really liked him in training camp. Really liked him during the preseason. He’s been good during the start of the regular season, but we still are very encouraged by this young player. This is a skilled 6-11 guy who’s not afraid to stick his nose in there. Even if he gets knocked down, he kind of sticks his nose in there and keeps fighting. We like Austin. We like what he’s doing.

While I remain optimistic about Daye’s future at the 2 and 3, he has simply not been good at all at the 4. Not at all. He did have a very nice preseason, but he played major minutes at 2 and 3 during the preseason, but that hasn’t carried over into the regular, at least not yet.

Regarding our fallen Swede, Jonas Jerebko:

What Jonas provides for us doesn’t necessarily show up in the box score like you think. But that’s part of the continuity I was talking about. He’s one of those glue type of guys. The plays he makes, the diving on the floor, the taking the charge, the getting the extra rebound, man, we definitely miss that. Like I said, it’s probably one of those situations where it doesn’t show up in the box score, but it would really help if we had someone like him out there helping us right now.

I don’t want to be overly critical for the sake of being critical here, because Joe’s right (at least partially) that not all of what Jonas does makes the box score. And clearly, Joe values Jonas, as do I. But rebounds and steals – two things we aren’t very good at overall – do show up in the box score, both impact wins, and Jonas produces both. For whatever reason, these types of plays seem to get relegated to “hustle plays,” as if any player who hustles hard enough can produce them. While I’d agree that effort matters, rebounding and stealing the ball is as much talent as anything else – something Ben Wallace still demonstrates every night the Pistons take the floor. Unfortunately, when Joe inks contracts – at least of late – he seems to forget that.

Regarding not making trades this summer:

I would just say that I would assume for those who want trades that they would want good trades. The question for me is not, “Why no trades?” The question for me is, “If there’s not a good trade, why would I do it?” There was never a trade that made sense for us. It made no sense for us to make a trade if it was not going to be beneficial for us.

It seems to me, based on last season and the beginning of this season, that there shouldn’t be any “sacred cows” on this roster. Any trade that gets us out of the several bad contracts we have would benefit us, and there’s no one on the team that’s good enough to be untouchable (although I’m not sure I could live with Dumars if he traded Ben Wallace). To be fair, though, if I were a GM in the NBA, I’m not sure I’m buying what the Pistons are selling. So depending on what he means here, maybe we actually agree.

Lastly, Dumars on TMac:

I think so far, for about half of the eight games we’ve played, he’s looked good enough to help us on the court. There have been other games where he’s even kind of pulled himself and said, “I just don’t feel it tonight.” […] I’m very happy with how he’s kind of embraced the leadership role here. I’ve heard him speak up. I’ve heard him say the right stuff. I’ve seen him bring composure to the court when we’ve needed it. I’ve seen him play with a very high basketball IQ. So, those things have been all positives with Tracy

I’d be remiss to not give Joe credit where it’s due – he recognized talent where many other teams didn’t. But beyond that, it’s difficult for me to see what Dumars does.

13 thoughts on “Joe Dumars disagrees with me

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  2. Good for you bgulker! Miss you at DBB though man. But it makes sense you would run here when Ben Gordon is ripping it up, coward :P! I shall save this to favorite at once, and post here only when im drunk so i have an excuse when you hand me my a$$!

  3. Nice post! Monroe has also surprised me with decent rebounding so far, though the pessimist in me says his current offensive ineptitude is a good example of why when projecting college players to the pros, it’s best to focus on what is most important for each position. PF/C’s who can pass are obviously nice to have, but if they turn the ball over fairly frequently and can’t score efficiently themselves, then nothing is really gained.

    Watching the first ten games has also really hammered home the obvious point that the Terrico White pick was the dumbest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. There were several PF/C’s who were worth a shot and were much better prospects than White. Plus, even if there is a chance that White will be any good, there’s absolutely no way he will ever see any minutes with the current roster make-up, and the roster log-jam at the guard spots will in all likelihood extend for another couple years, past the end of White’s initial rookie contract. sigh.

    On TMac, I’ve really enjoyed watching him largely because his play has been such a great example of how relatively simple it is to be productive. He’s relied almost exclusively on B-Ball IQ, positioning and unselfishness to help the team. With the rosters over-reliance on limited scorer/shooters, guys who play like this current version of TMac are desperately needed to hold things together.

  4. Congrats on the site, and I do believe that more Pistons sites are a good thing. (I’m not entirely thrilled with the content that is out there with some of the sites). I was at the Clips/Pistons game the other night and truly, you can tell this team doesn’t have what it takes to be more than an 8th seed and easy out in the playoffs. Thats a best case scenario. As to JD’s comments, I think this team needs a shake up, and starting to really wonder if JD should be the man in charge of that change. We need the team to be sold soon and hopefully that will offer a touch of stability and comfort to get some things done. I pray we unload Rip, a guy I’ve loved for years but who no longer can really help THIS team win. Prince I still think CAN help, but it seems as if he will be first to go given the recent tiffs with Kuester. I am hoping for a roster overhaul of sorts (again) and coach included, in the next 9 months.This makes the most sense to me. Need some size and need to play some D and return to our franchise’s roots.
    The Rake

  5. Terrific blog! Thanks for writing. As both an apbrmetrics and a Pistons fan this blog suits me perfectly. I’m gonna add it to my google reader at once!


  6. Hi, Ben.

    It’s terrific that you’ve started this blog.

    Since I know that you are an open-minded multi-dimensional, non-linear thinker who is actually inspired by a willingness to engage with other intelligent individuals in productive discourse about a specific topic of mutual interest, it should be a great deal of fun to visit here from time to time.

    Keep On Truck’n, my friend. 🙂

    PS. Until Joe D. gets himself a top notch head coach, who is a proven winner and also happens to share his own Basketball Philosophy, concerning how the game should be played, unfortunately, the Pistons are going nowhere fast. Yes, the Pistons have a mediocre roster of players; but, a top notch coach would be able to get so much more out of this exact same roster than what John Kuester has been able to get since his arrival in Detroit. Right now, Kuester is the biggest of the Pistons’ problems.

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