Updated Wins Produced!

A huge thanks to Arturo for crunching the numbers (regardless of how tentative they may be). Thanks to his fine work, we have WP48 numbers for the first three Pistons games of the season – and of course numbers for the rest of the teams in the Association.

From the looks of it, I’ll have to revist how I’ve crunched Win Scores. Ah well, live and learn.

I already pointed out Stuckey and Wallace. Stuckey is playing even better than I realized, as is Big Ben in spite of shooting poorly (he’s among the top 25 in terms of WP48! The Benaissance continues!!!). I also criticized Gordon unfairly; he’s been just as good as he’s looked. Also, in spite of not shooting well at all, TMac is making a positive contribution in limited minutes – which matches what I saw watching him. He’s played great on the ball defense and has been facilitating well for others.

However, Tay, Rip, Charlie, Max, and Daye are off to very poor starts. Their poor shooting and rebounding has been instrumental in all three losses.

Obviously, Gordon can’t keep shooting like he’s shooting, but it’s a great sign nonetheless. And Stuckey’s improvement is just as much tied to increased assists and decreased TO’s as it is to shooting. Here’s hoping that’s stable. And Big Ben is still Big Ben.

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